Installation & Fasteners

Ligature resistant products must be installed properly to be effective. It is imperative that these fixtures be fastened securely so as not to become loosened and form gaps with the mating surfaces. Gaps can be used as points of attachment for ligatures either by looping of a string or by wedging an object into the opening. And if the fixtures were to be removed, they could be used as weapons and cause serious bodily harm to patients or staff.

Since such thought and care must go into the selection of fasteners, it is Odd Ball Industries’ policy not to include them with our products. The installer and facility should select fasteners on the basis of the following considerations:

  • The fastener should be of a type and size to provide suitable pull-out and tensile strength.
  • The style of the security fastener (pin head, snake-eye spanner, Torx, etc.) should be chosen so as to minimize the possibility of removal.
  • Some facilities have a preferred type of security fastener. Consistency within a facility is preferred to minimize the efforts required for maintenance.

There are many suppliers of security fasteners. If you need help finding one, please call us.