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SP-12 Diverter Valve

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The SP-12 diverter valve is available with two different styles of ligature resistant handles, designated A and B. The handles are recessed in an escutcheon plate to prevent capture of a line behind them. The valve has a non-rising stem, which means that no gap is created behind the handles when they are turned. The handles are broached for a secure, non-slip fit to the valve stem. The SP-12 is ADA compliant when used with the B handle.

The SP-12 can be used to operate both an SP-7 and SP-7WC in a single shower unit or with the SP-7 and SP-7TF in a bathtub unit.

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  • Diverter Valve:
    • Material: Brass body and stem
    • Codes: ASME A112.18.1 / CSA B125.1
    • Operation: Rotate handle clockwise or counterclockwise to direct water from one outlet to the other. Not designed for use as a shut off!
  • Trim: 4″ diameter, polished stainless steel
  • Handles: (-A and -B)
    • Material: Cast aluminum
    • Finish: Silver polyurethane epoxy with clear top coat
    • Type “-B”: ADA compliant
  • Installation: 1/2″ copper inlet and two outlets. The handle screw is not included.

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