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SP-11-GDK Grid Drain Kit


Standard lavatory grid drains can be used as a point of ligature attachment by threading a string or lace through the holes of the grid. The SP-11-GDK greatly reduces this hazard by utilizing holes less than half the diameter of the typical grid drain. Effective drainage is achieved with the included air vent. This grid drain is not designed for use with sinks with overflows. Overflows are a point of ligature.

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  • Grid Drain:
    • Plated Brass
    • 2-1/4″ OD
    • 3/32″ Dia Holes
      • Other Components:
        • Rubber washer, red fiber washer, brass locknut
        • 1-1/4″ chrome plated brass elbow and offset tailpiece, 17 ga
        • Chrome plated cast brass slip joint tee 1-1/4″ x 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″
        • 1-1/2″ chrome plated brass waste bend, 22 ga
        • 1-1/2″ chrome plated brass flanged tail piece, 22 ga
        • Automatic air admittance valve
      • Installation: Grid drain fits in standard 1-5/8″ sink openings. The tee has 1-1/2″ slip joint connection to P-trap (not included). Requires cutting of tubular brass components to fit the air admittance valve under the sink. Cannot be used with sinks with overflows.

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